Hints and Tips


Use Ctrl ‘ to copy down the data from the field in the previous record.

Use Ctrl ; to insert the current date into a field.

These also work in Excel.


If you select a series of figures, you will see them totalled on the status line automatically. If you Right Click where the Sum is displayed, you can then select other mathematical functions.

Use Ctrl ; to insert the current date into a field.

Familiar with the Autofill feature?  Tired of dragging down very large ranges of cells?  Try double clicking the left mouse, while it is the thin black cross, and you will see the cells filling down until a blank cell is reached.  Very useful when you consider there are a lot of rows per sheet!


If using multiple projects, consider using a Resource Pool. This will then give you easy consolidation of all your projects.

Where possible, ensure that the number of hours per day in the Calendar match the number of hours per day under Options, otherwise you will get incorrect time durations for your work.


Ready to run your presentation but don’t want your audience to see your first slide? Tap the letter B on the keyboard, the screen will go black and nobody will know the presentation is running. Tap the B again when you are ready to proceed.  Use this at any time to “interrupt” the presentation.

If you want a duplicate of any slide, use the Insert menu, Duplicate Slide option.

A slide layout may be changed by selecting the slide and applying a new/different layout to it.


Use Ctrl A to quickly select the whole document.

Use Ctrl [ to decrease the font size and Ctrl ] to increase the font size (Don’t forget to select the text first!)