Database Development

What we provide

We can produce almost any Access database that you may require. We tend to develop using the standard Access features so that you can very simply make any alterations yourself. We encourage companies to also have suitable Access training, so that they can be as independent as possible and make future alterations themselves.

On the other hand, we are also willing to develop the database for you and make any future modifications ourselves, should you so wish. We have years of experience of creating databases and designing them to be user friendly and suitable for non Access users.

We are also experienced in setting up Access as a reporting tool for data that may be held in another product or system.

Please feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you. We are user friendly people and employ no sales people, so there will be no pressure!

Developing your in house skills

We can create your database and then train your staff to support it in future. We can also develop your database as part of the training, so that staff are involved in the design and creation stages too.

Training your users

We also offer comprehensive Access Training that not only covers the usual topics, but also the more relevant topics. As developers, we are very clear on the topics that are needed, as opposed to those that sound good in a course topic list.

Support and future updates

We offer a certain amount of non chargeable support on all our databases. If you have a problem on designing a new report or query we are always happy to help. If the question turns out to be very complex (and time consuming) and outside the scope of your original system then we will advise accordingly, otherwise the support is free.

We are always willing to perform updates to work that we have previously been involved with. We are also willing to discuss work to systems that we have not written.