Today’s world makes more demands on us all than ever before. Technology is the back bone of every efficient company and no-one can afford to get left behind.

Don’t let the gap widen any more. Increase your potential both personally and professionally through TECHNOLOGY TRAINING

Who are we?

PROFESSIONAL & CARING Giltech formed in 1992 from a group of experienced and highly dedicated IT Trainers and Systems Professionals from around the country.  Caring, patient, professional and above all enthusiastic about what we do.

Experienced in hardware, software, analysis and system building skills, we have a amassed a wealth of practical business experience from the many large and diverse organisations and businesses we have worked with over the years.


Many of our clients have been with with us for years, as we offer just the services they need, whilst being sensibly priced, flexible, and delivering the best services as quickly as possible.



Predominantly we offer course in the Microsoft Office suite, however we have experience in many other areas and can take on specialist products as requested from time to time to service the specific needs of our clients.

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Database Development

Highly experienced in Database Development and Training. We ideally like to train our customers to modify and manage much or all of the database themselves. Essentially we can use our expertise to get you to a point where you can be up and running very quickly. We also ensure, when mutually agreed, that your own staff have been sufficiently involved and trained, so that future management and maintenance can be achieved in house, without always having to get outside specialist help. We believe in helping you to remain self sufficient and independent where ever possible.

Contact Information

For more information on any of our courses or services please contact us at info@giltech.co.uk